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Taylor Swift discusses dancing at award shows on

"Late Night with Seth Meyers"



So artistically beautiful.

Yes. This.

do ur squats
eat ur vegetables
wear red lipstick
dont let boys be mean to u




me this winter so i wont have to pay for heat


This is what happens when you take a panorama during color changes. #prismatictour (at Tacoma Dome)

The Orphan Black Cast on their favorite clone.

my beautiful grandmother in 1943 #tbt

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so with a lot of rewatching and a LOT of help from the glee wikia, i’ve finally put together a comprehensive glee timeline the covers from the beginning of season 1 to the end of season 5. i mostly just wanted a timeline for my own reference but then i started making it prettier and easier to read and i figured i’d post the whole thing in case it’s useful for anyone else.

because the whole timeline together is almost 6000 pixels wide, i’ve had to chop it into 5 separate images just to be able to fit it all on tumblr. but i do have the full timeline on imagebam (click to view fullsize).

there are notes on the timeline about what all the colors and different symbols mean, so if you’re confused you can check those out! i’ve done my best to make it simple and easy to read but it does get a bit cluttered anyway, especially around season 4/5 with the extended school year.

i’ll probably fix this timeline to include season 6 once the series ends as well, so if you’re looking at this timeline and notice any discrepancies or anything i may have forgotten to include, please let me know and i’ll add it onto the final version that includes season 6!